Granulated Amorphous Silica

Our granulated amorphous silica can be produced in a range of particle sizes varying from >75mm to <0.8mm. Our typical granulated product is produced with a grain size between 5mm to 0.8mm, with 50% of the product having a grain size between 1mm and 2mm, which is ideal for use as.

Horticultural and Agricultural Applications

  • Growth Substrate in Hydroponics (GrowSil/Mineral Magic)
  • Soil Improver in Horticultural and Agricultural Operations (GrowSil/Mineral Magic)


Smart Watermark Certificate

Contaminated Sites

  • Filter and Adsorption Medium for Hydrocarbon and Heavy Metals Removal and Clean-Up

Ground Amorphous Silica

Using conventional milling techniques our granulated amorphous silica product can be easily ground to P80 <75µm or P80 < 45 µm. This ground amorphous silica product is a natural pozzolan and a Supplementary Cementitious Material (SCM) for strengthening concrete, and it has optimal physical and chemical properties for use as a filler in paints and coatings and as a builder in detergents.

Amorphous Precipitated Silica (APS)

Beneficiation of the raw product using propriety processes (patent pending) results in an Amorphous Precipitated Silica (APS) product that is ideal for glass manufacturing and as a precursor to silicon metal production for use in solar panels and ferrosilicon, ferrosilicon magnesium and silicomanganese alloys.

Liquid Silica Solution

Through a propriety Si extraction process (patent pending) we can produce either a sodium (Na) or potassium (K) silicate solution or ‘water glass’. This concentrated solution can be used as a:

  • Foliar Spray or Soil Drip to provide vital plant available Si to plants
  • Binder in mineral silicate paints
  • Natural soil or road stabilizer