Our Deposit

Silica Earth Resources (SER) amorphous silica deposit is located in Western Australia and has an inferred resource of around 1.5Mt of high grade amorphous silica (85 – 90% SiO2) within a granted Mining Lease. Geological mapping within the immediately vicinity of our current resource indicates that the high grade deposit extends for a further 5,000 ha (potential resource of 500Mt of SiO2) making it one of the largest amorphous silica deposits in Australia.

Our deposit occurs entirely above the watertable and is outcropping over most of its area allowing for easy and low-cost mining and processing. Given the nature of the deposit, all we need to do is crush and screen the mined ore to produce a saleable product.

Our Products

Once mined our ore is processed to produce the following products:

Granulated Amorphous Silica – suitable as a growth substrate in Hydroponics or as a soil improver in Horticultural and Agricultural operations. Our granulated product is also perfect as a filtration and adsorption medium for hydrocarbons and heavy metals.

Ground Amorphous Silica – suitable for use in concrete manufacturing and building products, and as a filler and builder in paints, coatings and detergents.

Precipitated Amorphous Silica – suitable for use in glass manufacturing, and as feed stock for silicon metal and ferrosilicon, ferrosilicon magnesium and silicomanganese alloys.

Liquid Silica Solution – suitable for use as a foliar spray, soil and road stabiliser and as a binder in paints.

Our Team

Adam Pratt – Managing and Technical Director

Adam has worked in the mining and environmental sectors for over 20 years. In 2000, he formed the Soilwater Group, a Perth-based environmental consultancy, laboratory and R & D organisation, which he remains as the Director and Principal Soil Scientist. Adam has consulted to both national and international mining companies, across a range of commodities, providing strategic approvals, mining, production, and mine rehabilitation and closure advice, and from 2015 to 2018 he was the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Manager for Vimy Resources, a Perth-based uranium developer.

Murray Loxton – Mining and Production Director

Murray has worked in the Mining and Civil construction industry for over 30 years as a Builder through his association with Pinnacle Builders Pty Ltd of which he remains as a Director and Shareholder. Murray’s role was varied but mostly as a project manager- supervisor on a variety of projects up to several million dollars.  Additionally, Murray has held multiple mining operations including a successful Gold mine and Industrial Mineral operation. He is very familiar with the mining and the processing of our target material in the mine site location.

Rob Pynenburg – Sales and Logistics Director

Rob has been involved with the mining, sales and logistics sectors for 40 years. He began working in the mining sector in the early eighties for CRA Exploration (now Rio-Tinto) as a prospectors hand completing duties in Diamond Drilling, River and Seismic exploration for a number of years. He has since been associated with various local and national industrial packaging and textile companies working in numerous roles as both logistics manager and sales and marketing manager.