Our Deposit

Silica Earth Resources (SER) amorphous silica deposit is located in Western Australia and has an inferred resource of around 2.2Mt of high grade amorphous silica (85 – 90% SiO2) within a granted Mining Lease. Geological mapping within the immediately vicinity of our current resource indicates that the high grade deposit extends for a further 5,000 ha (potential resource of 500Mt of SiO2) making it one of the largest amorphous silica deposits in Australia.

Our deposit occurs entirely above the watertable and is outcropping over most of its area allowing for easy and low-cost mining and processing. Given the nature of the deposit, all we need to do is crush and screen the mined ore to produce a saleable product and this ensures a very low carbon footprint compared to similar soil ameliorants used in the past.

Our Products

Once mined our ore is processed to produce the following products:

Granulated Amorphous Silica – suitable as a growth substrate in Hydroponics or as a soil improver in Horticultural and Agricultural operations. This application has produced significant results in yield increase, drought resistance and repel pests and diseases. (Lab and field research completed in conjunction with University of WA , Kalyx Australia and Crommelin Agricoatings)

Our granulated product is also perfect as a filtration and adsorption medium for hydrocarbons and heavy metals.

Ground Amorphous Silica – suitable for use as a pozzolan for strengthening concrete manufacturing and building products, and as a filler and builder in paints, cosmetics, coatings and detergents.

Precipitated Amorphous Silica – suitable for use in glass manufacturing, and as feed stock for silicon metal and ferrosilicon, ferrosilicon magnesium and silicomanganese alloys.

Liquid Silica Solution – suitable for use as a foliar spray, soil and road stabiliser and as a binder in paints.

Our Executive Team

Murray Loxton – Mining , Logistics and Production Director

Murray has worked in the Mining and Civil construction industry for over 30 years as a Builder through his association with Pinnacle Builders Pty Ltd of which he remains as a Director and Shareholder. Murray’s role was varied but mostly as a project manager- supervisor on a variety of projects up to several million dollars. 

Additionally, Murray has held multiple mining operations including a successful Gold mine and Industrial Mineral operation. He is very familiar with the mining and the processing of our target material in the mine site location.

Nick Clayton – Sales and Marketing Director

Nick has been involved with the mining, agricultural and horticultural sectors for 40 years. His career includes being an AFL Grounds Construction Manager , a Golf Course Superintendent and senior management in both a national grounds maintenance company and a state based landscape construction company.

Nick has a very hands on approach and is very technically attuned to the practical applications of amorphous silica and has overseen many trials and accreditation of the mineral. Nick has also established a national distribution network via Mineral Magic to both support and supply the mineral across Australia.

Bruce Scarterfield – Commercial Director

Beginning his career in 1978, Bruce has spent his entire career in the irrigation and horticultural market managing industry leaders such as Total Eden and now, the Newground Group. His recent acquisition of RGD Corporation sees the coverage of the national horticultural, mining and agricultural distribution networks expand and this offers a complete offering to commercial customers.

Bruce has been involved in everything from backyard irrigation to complex large-scale irrigation projects, and developed water management strategies and technical design for irrigation systems all across Australia. His work has helped develop the water services industry and its technologies to what it is today, and he is well respected amongst his peers, colleagues and by industry professionals.